The values that move our ideas are the values we share in the line-up with those who, like us, fall in love every time a set of magnificent waves appears on the horizon

The inspiration for our products comes from our needs as wave enthusiasts.

Ideas born from surfers to surfers ... but not only!

FREEQ is a travel lover. It is traveling that we have the opportunity to always meet different people, to confront ourselves with other customs and habits, to explore new landscapes and to admire sunsets, those that are always exciting in every part of the world ... for this reason we admit we thought products to be excellent travel companions

If we love playing with the waves it is our duty to preserve our playground! For this reason we have decided to be plastic-free in every choice, from production to packaging.

FREEQ joins all those who have decided to defend the environment, reducing the use of plastic.

Every small daily gesture in this direction is useful to safeguard the environment and our beloved waves! Let's #KEEPTHEWAVESCLEAN

Environmental protection has also pushed us to adopt a production chain that has the least possible impact on CO2 emissions... How? Thanks to Made in Italy.


The fabrics we have selected are produced in Italy by Companies that pay attention to the care and protection of the environment and the sea.

It is in Prato that the FREEQ products are cut and sewn with care and attention to detail.


We prefer our products to travel a few kilometers to reach our hands.

We prefer that they travel thousand kilometers with you to discover new and beautiful waves!